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Friday, November 25, 2016

What does your Spirit feel about Holiday Sales and Shopping?

If your inbox is anything like mine today... wowzers!
I was trying to figure out when this whole “black Friday” thing began, but then if it wasn’t one mad scurry sale it’s another one, so that shouldn’t be the focus.
The focus should be how it feels.

Over on the Facebook group today I mentioned that there’s a huge point made about materialism and spirituality. I’ve witnessed it growing up so many times that people teeter totter between wanting to be “spiritual”... and then feel guilty if they get excited over an item of clothing or piece of electronic equipment. The same imbalance comes in us not wanting our children being focused on toys or “stuff” but come the holidays we’ve all got presents in the back of our minds...
We’ll most of us do anyway.
So where does it settle in modern spirituality? What does “buying” look like to our spirits?
Like I said, it depends on how it feels.
Emotions, along with instincts and inner guidance, are the language of our spirit. As Positive Energy when we feel good it indicated the connection to all we really are... when we feel stressed, upset, frustrated or angry, that shows we need to change our perspective and focus to reconnect to Who We Are as Spirit.
So, if the “buying” or “bargain hunt” is fueled by fun; if it’s excited, joyful and eager... then Spirit is right there, enjoying the season and the experience. (I know... Spiritual shopping, what is better than that?!)
But, the minute it gets stressful, or overwhelming; when it gets noisy or you feel yourself drained of energy and focus.... you’re being told to stop, retreat and find connection to your inner self.
Yeah, it really is that easy. When we watch how we feel we can actually feel our spirit guiding us, telling us when to stop and connect, when to buy, when to not, simply by watching what feels good.
And it never fails. Listen to that emotional guidance and you’ll be led to exactly what you need when you need it, and it will be a joyful ride getting there.
As an example, I’ve been meaning to be more active on my instagram more lately, as a way to share more and provide more tools for connection... but our house is a wifi free zone so it’s been impossible.
Well, on a sale memo today I got notified of a new tool which will make it easy to meet you on there without leaving my computer. I guess I had quietly made the request, and the answer found its way to me with a price that made it even more exciting and easy to see the right path to take.

Also, I wasn’t planning on taking part in any “Holiday Sale” items. As a coach I didn’t really know what it meant. But then, suddenly out of nowhere, yesterday I felt like putting some things together, so I did, for the fun of it. I think they were probably meant for some of you and I was getting the indicator to put it out there, so if you feel good about checking them out, you can do so here

They will be up until Monday unless they go before then. (10 enrollments of Spiritual Kids are on special from its current special and there’s coaching and book deals as well.)

Following your emotional guidance is so vital during this time of year. It may feel illogical or like there are too many things to “do”, but trust me when I say, it gets done so much better when you look within to just see if it “feels” right.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tools for a Spiritually Aware Family

I remember when I was pregnant for the first time I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to offer my daughter the tools to shine as herself. Even though I was quite young, through my wanderings and studies I had scraped the surface of spirituality, energy, the law of attraction and following bliss. I was experimenting with listening to intuition and trusting my relationship to divine source. Suddenly, I on to my child and I felt like I had nine months to figure out how to bring that to life for her.
wanted to pass tools of awareness
I’ve learnt a lot since then. I soon realised my daughter was spirit, and knew how spirit worked. I soon found that fun and play was the language of the soul and the journey of being a parent was a continuation of my own spiritual path, not a destination which I needed to prepare for.
However, as our daughters grew, by the time they were 3-4,  I had the pull to start sharing spirituality with them. They asked questions which needed metaphysical answers, I saw the opening for them to become aware of their emotions as messages from their spirit, and I knew that they needed to know how to radiate at the energy of what they wanted rather than focusing on what they don’t want. (It stopped whining so quickly!) Therefore, I started to piece together stories and activities to offer them tools for a happy life, to weave together a foundation of spiritual awareness for our family.
I was talking about teamwork with our youngest the other day, and our eldest daughter started talking about “the idea of the family as an orchestra, parents as a conductor” and how they had learnt about consideration and what feels good. I had to laugh at hearing words coming back to me, words and concepts that have been taken to heart by my children and philosophies that they are using day after day. I am so proud at how my children see spiritual concepts as every day, purposefully meditating before schoolwork and consciously choosing tv shows that resonate with what they want to feel.
I sigh in relief that my children know themselves and can find ways to tune into that when life gets too much.
But over the years, as my business as a parent coach and author has developed, that desire is more and more prevalent. Over this past month as the world has taken some strange dips and turns, parents are asking for this more and more.
We all want our children to be able to shine as Who They Really Are, to trust their heart and to know how to feel their way to their own deeper bliss. We want them to feel strong in their own individual journeys, not victims to what they think others think about them and not swaying in their own sense of self to please someone else. It is a powerful time for our children to shine, as themselves.
Perhaps that’s why it felt like the perfect time to finally put my first e-course together.

Spiritual Kids; building foundations for a spiritually aware family, comes out this Monday. The course is designed to empower you as a parent to shine as yourself, and offers you tools to offer your children through crafts, activities, and experiences. They get the games and fun, absorbing information about spirit, meditation, emotions and the law of attraction,  while you get to watch the video lessons and guided meditations. It is a combination that creates an organically rooted spiritual and emotional awareness in your home and family.

Feel free to check out the video below to get a greater sense of what I’m talking about.
But also make sure you check out the website to learn more. Once the course goes on sale it will be up for a promotional price for the first 50 courses sold (which includes lifetime access and a private facebook group) so, keep posted for sure! I can’t wait to share this information with you.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Teaching Our Children to Love and Live in a Time of Fear.

A few days ago we woke up to a scared nation.
Even if I don’t live in America, I could feel the panic, the fear and the shock ripple through social media and worldwide. Through my groups and clients, I felt that fear in parents come in two focuses.
How do we protect our children from being victims of hate; sure that was definitely there. But mostly, the fear was in asking how to pass on to our children that it’s not ok to hate. How do we pass on love and tolerance, acceptance and compassion, when it looks like intolerance is tipping the scales and that’s what our children are around?
I see it in my own son’s eyes sometimes lately. He’s been around a lot of talk and then after election night, he was hearing stories of people’s worries and fears. He doesn’t say anything, occasionally takes part in a conversation, but you can tell there’s an uncertainty there and I wish he wasn’t hearing so much. (A teenage sister who is homeschooling and is fascinated by politics... it’s going to happen.) He hates violence or seeing any signs of aggression or nastiness.  I think this is more common with children now. Children around the world are sensing a shift and they don’t want the aggression. It’s not just America that is being given these extreme choices of love versus fear. Children across the world are witnessing polar perspectives. They might slowly become desensitised to it, but if kept aware of how they feel, they can sense that they want to feel more joy than anger. That the pursuit of happiness is an instinctual motivation.
So, how do we prepare our children and pass on tools of love and compassion? How do we offer them the space to feel Off, to feel upset or angry, without worrying that they will grow up intolerant? How do we offer them the space to get to know themselves and also attune ourselves to our own sense of love, so that we can radiate what we want... not what we are scared of.
Because remember, we attract one of three things; What We Love. What We Hate. And What We Fear.
So, where does that leave us with our children, in a time ripe with fear?
Take a step back. Breathe and note that the sun is shining, the birds are singing and yup... it’s that time of year... here in Nova Scotia snow is forecast.
Are you breathing deeply? Are your children playing?
Grab a cup of coffee and appreciate something.  There it is. A sigh, a release and a shift from holding up what we fear.
Now, listen to me gently.
You have no control over what your child grows up to experience. You can only offer them tools of awareness; awareness to how they feel, awareness to how other people feel, awareness to a sense of feeling like themselves and an awareness to getting caught up in a crowd.
Because let’s face it; fear loves a group. Fear loves to spread and get people talking.
Love is sown well in quiet, in that peace which is created within, when you shift perspective to a Whole Sense of Self.
And what is sown, we radiate. What we radiate, we attract more of. It’s law.
So, then it also comes down to us. To our example and our experience. If we are filled with worry and fear, then it’s not our children who reap from that. We are the ones holding up that fear... it is our experience in the process of creation. We are filling our home with a vibration, which our children pick up on and in that process mirror. Like seeds scattered, some take root.
Therefore, to answer the question on how to help our children through this time of fear?
I say, radiate love and talk often of wellbeing with your children.
Show love and compassion to those who need it.
Offer tools for emotional and spiritual awareness to your children.
And trust wellbeing. Trust that life expands and grows, that the positive always balances the negative.
There are so many ways to offer tools of awareness to our children. Let the question sit with you. Instinctually you will be told what your child needs. If you find centre within yourself, you will feel what way to go. If it helps,  I am offering a video Series in Raising Mindful Children next week. It has three FREE videos with exercises, tips on creating space for mindful living and a free gift. You can sign up here. I’m really excited how it’s coming together.
And (drum roll) as of November 21st The E-Course,, Spiritual Kids; building foundations for a spiritually aware family will be on sale with a special promotional price. The course is 6 parts filled with crafts, activities, stories and exercises for your children as well as videos and meditations for you so that spirit can flood your home and create easy opportunities to become more spiritually aware. I suggest signing up to the newsletter or joining the Facebook group to make sure you hear about the release. 
I am so excited to be able to help you pass on spiritual tools to your children. Because we can turn this time around. Rather than seeing it as dark we can choose to radiate the light. Rather than feeling like it is a heavy time and filling our heads with what others tell us, we can step up, show up and make love happen.  It’s the perfect time as our children are experiencing a true extreme to the spiritual love they FEEL is the true way of living. I hope that we can shift the tide and create a time of pure love together.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to live in a positive space after an election.

I don’t talk politics. Hey, I usually live somewhere between a chaos of family living, running a business and finding connection time with my Spiritual Source. Worldly events, baffle me and... let’s face it drag me down. We can all get caught up in Facebook land, and complaining and gossiping... but at the end of the day we can usually refocus on what’s around us.
Today, may not be one of those days. Today, the world watches the aftermath of yesterday’s elections and if we’re not mindful, we could talk about it, be scared of it, complain about it, natter about it, turn on our neighbors about it, be in disbelief about it and create monsters, demons and horrors in our imaginations and conversations. We have to take a step back.
Imagine your thoughts... your personal focus, as a beam of light. That light is altered by your focus.
Now, imagine if you and many like you focused on creating a joyful focus; a focus on love, healing and blessings.
It feels like we should be focused on what’s going on in the world today, right?
But there’s nothing that can be done at this moment. WE can’t do anything... we can only fuel fear and upset with our focus.
Or we can re-focus, ground, centre and radiate Who We Each Really Are; mainly Love.
Play with your children today. Go out for ice-cream. Today, more than ever it is important to radiate wellbeing. Maybe I’ll make some brownies and watch a funny family movie. We give power with our focus... I think it’s time the power went to Love, don’t you?
It’s a habit, an addiction to friction and, maybe, just maybe, this whole event has happened so we can heal ourselves and take how we feel back to our own focus.
It’s for our children, you know. They are currently surrounded by panic. 3 year olds are talking about the names Trump and Clinton. It might sound cute, but they are also aware of our energy we are radiating in stress. So, we need to pass onto them the clear message;
We are each in charge of our focus, our feelings and our moments. Wellbeing is flowing and we are taken care of. We allow love to flow when we are radiating love.
Let’s join together in love today and all this week. Meet me over at the group and let’s talk silliness. Bring your favorite story, show a photo of your crystal collection or beautiful yard. Let’s share what brings us joy.
Love and light to you dear one.
(Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you wish or share this post on Facebook. We need to spread the love.)
Love always,

Monday, November 7, 2016

November Stresses and Preparations

And November is here.
There’s something suspended about November. Something that feels hesitant and expectant. I don’t know about you, but there’s always part of me that feels like I should be doing something, but I’m unclear what that is. And it’s always worse for my children.
I just sat down with my daughters with the homeschooling “What do we need to do before the end of the year?” conversation. Personally, I like knowing my end of year goal, it creates focus and intention. My eldest, well she wasn’t exactly happy about it. She’d rather have a further goal... say Spring. Knowing where she is headed with a little more distance creates more clarity.
I think that’s because, although the end of the year feels like a strong intention, it’s always interrupted with the big issue of Holidays. Winter holidays always seem to create a gray area, and for many that gray area starts in November.
What is it about a certain period of time that suggests we need to get certain things done by certain dates? Why do we add to-do lists to our already busy days and feel pressure to meet certain traditional criteria for things like Thanksgiving or Christmas? What’s even more baffling is the idea of tradition to pass it on to our children. We want to create good holiday memories for them, or at least we feel like we “should”. However, looking back at our own holiday memories growing up, they are often ripe with stress and everyone running around like headless chickens. It was after it was all done, the peace that followed the storm, that we smile back at.
There’s a lot of stress that comes at this time of year... and probably more stress and anxiety this year, as for many the holidays are following what may be one of the more stressful weeks in current American History. This week is election week, which seems to bombard our newsfeeds and conversations alike, and once the dust has slightly settled, American Thanksgiving will be picking up speed. Of course, 4 weeks after that we’re looking at Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukah, and other celebrations... only to collapse into a New Year relief.
It’s not just us who can feel the stress build up. Our children sense it in the air. They sense anticipation for something that is supposed to be exciting. They sense it in the fear over political events and they sense it within us, as our schedules build up and we start to feel pressure from unclear things. It’s important to create a strong foundation for our family. One founded in love not fear, and also founded in the present moment, not in future events. Life is each moment of our lives. That is what our children remember and that is what gives them the tools to create a happy life for themselves.
This month I have a lot to offer you and I hope that they will help you create a seamless blend of foundational tools for you and for your children as well as offer you the opportunity to start laying the groundwork for incredible Intentions for 2017.
First, last year’s audio course is back to being available until November 21st. Then it will be locked back into the vault until next year. You can find it here.
Secondly, I am offering you a free 3 part video course next week on Passing Spiritual Tools onto our Children. I thought it would be fun to share with you some simple tips and tools on passing some awareness and clarity on to your children, now when it can be such a muddled and mixed feeling kind of time.  You can sign up here!

Sacred Tree Recordings will be releasing some guided meditations of mine over the next couple of days. They produced the Mp3s for Spiritual Kids, and have created Theta Music to accompany them. It's a very exciting project and one to help you find groundedness, clarity and re-alignment.

Hmm. It might be a good time to sign up to the newsletter... because this month there's a lot to keep track of.

 Lastly, today marks the start of the empowerment summit over at Heather Devore’s place. It’s free and you can grab your spot here... and still be in time for my awesome interview on Friday (as well as my gift!)

Yeah, like I was saying... there's just something about November that makes you feel like doing something.  

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do You Crave Empowerment?

What does the word “Empowerment” mean to you? Do you feel empowered to be authentic to yourself... or does the daily routine and toil sometimes mean that you lose sight of yourself? Does life in fact, make you feel disempowered? Well there’s a sobering thought, right?
The word empowering can make some people hesitate slightly. The idea of self power can make some uneasy, and yet, as scientists or healers alike will attest to, as energy beings we are all powerful.
 There’s the power of our focus and the power of our intention.
There’s the power of love for that matter.
 Whether we like the idea of being powerful, or if it makes us feel like we are overstepping our boundaries, there is no doubt that we all have an inner fire, a powerful generator of energy force that radiates as ourselves, and that fire sometimes needs to be fueled. To me, that’s what empowerment means; to fuel the fire of our inner selves, in order for it to radiate out stronger and more authentically.
Empowerment allows us to show up as ourselves, to not waiver in our sense of who we are, but to trust that inner guidance that carries us through. It’s an exhilarating thing to help parents feel empowered to show up as themselves each day. Someone just asked me what my favorite part of my work is, and that’s what I told them; the relief in a client’s voice when they get the feeling of what it’s really like to show up to their family as themselves. When the penny, and the “should” version of them, drops. Ohhhh... it gives me shivers of spiritual connection.
A few months ago I was asked to be part of a Women Empowerment Summit with Heather Devore and the summit starts on the November 7th. Twenty-five other experts and I will be discussing women, empowerment techniques and the question “What keeps us small?”
 Small. Oh. That’s another sobering thought, isn’t it?
I loved taking part in this interview and I loved this question. We can assume that we keep ourselves small because we accidently get swept up in a perception of ourselves that doesn’t match the truest version. We can get distracted with the idea of what we “should” be and keep ourselves small in order to avoid what we “dream” to be. We can keep ourselves small because, as I mentioned, we can fear the concept of what power is. We can actually be afraid of our inner nature.
Or we can keep ourselves small because everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t we? Why should we attempt to reach great heights when it may alienate us from others? Phew.
Well, I really am excited to listen to all the responses to this question in next week free summit and I would really love to see you there as well. There will be a linked Facebook group as well, so you can ask questions and create dialogue... it’s going to be an incredibly insightful experience.
So where do you need to feel empowered? What holds you back from being the greatest version of yourself? Do you keep yourself feeling small or do you shine as a bright light for the world to see each day?
You can sign up for the summit here. It starts November 7th and I look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Call for Self Care

Why do we resist feeling better?
Why do we put off our own self care, or our own moment to choose a better feeling thought?
I like to call it an addiction to friction, because, really, often we feel like we just don’t want to take our hand off of that hot stove, we don’t want to feel the relief. Maybe we feel it just isn’t living without that touch of struggle.
We all do it sometimes. We tell ourselves to get off of Facebook and play at the park... and we wait that few minutes later to do it. We feel stress rising and know we should breathe, and almost hold our breath knowing it stresses us more. There’s a drama in the explosion.
Ok, maybe it’s not that bad or that extreme. But there is the little “should’s” The “I should meditate... I just do this first.” I should take time for myself.... but there’s too much to do. I’m needed.” “I should try that quick energy flush, later... I’ll try that thought later.”
We are swarmed with the habits we know we should fix, but yet we don’t. Why?
At a certain point the time comes when it’s now or never. It’s not just the big habits like smoking or dieting that takes that mental YES to shift! It is all those little pulls our spirit gives, the tugs to our heart, those are the YESes we have to Seize and Just Do It. It just takes getting that little nudge of energy behind it. It just takes that push, that jump into the cold shower determination and only for the first couple of times to get into a new habit.
What’s crazy about the self care denial is it doesn’t take much time. It can actually be as simple as a shift in thinking, a casted look to an open sky, or a deep breath to let tension go. We are learning so much about our thoughts and the affect that stress does on our days. We’re continually learning about vibration and how our thoughts emit energy. We are also realizing daily how our energy affects our children. So, self care is important. We know this.
It just takes that little shift to convince ourselves it’s good to feel good; that we’ll be better parents and people by taking that moment to go within. But it’s also the reminding ourselves that the shift is there for the taking. We don’t have to see an emotion go through its cycle like a load in a washing machine. We can interrupt it before it peaks and choose something else.
Yeah. We can. We can just choose to feel differently. We can choose to go for a walk to feel better. We can breathe deep and think of things we love. It’s just reminding ourselves that that power and choice exists.
This week, I started offering a nice, handy 5 step list to Self Care. In it, you will find Self Care tips that really take no time at all, only a moment, a shift in focus or a thought pattern. I want you to know that you can feel relief and can stop and enjoy the journey you are on. I want you to take care of yourself so that you can connect to your darling ones who are growing up each day. I also want them to learn about self care, and what better way than to watch you do it openly, infront of them.
Life is meant to be enjoyed. But in the ever rush moment to moment, sometimes we simply forget. We all get caught up sometimes, in the drama, in the struggle. But when you take that moment of self care, you simply take that step back to a perspective of Who You Really Are, and then you stop, breathe, feel better and let the day unfold in front of you.