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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spiritual Kids... the E-course. What is it?

Do you have questions about Spiritual Kids, the e-course.
 I hate to sound salesy, I want to make sure you know about it. Especially in the recent survey a huge
proportion of you mentioned you were considering participating in the course in the New Year.

So, here’s some answers to some questions you may have.

How long of time do I have access to the course?
The enrollment is a lifetime access. You can download everything from the school platform so you can have it with you without internet access, or view it from the platform at anytime.

What age is the course exercises for?
I have 3-13 as my guideline, but it depends. Some stories and poems you may find better for the younger age, but then the journal prompts and emotional awareness exercises suit older than 13. There’s also the option of making some activities more complex, if some crafts  call for a kleenex box for younger children, it could be crafted with a more permanent crafting solution, like woodworking or oil paints  for older ages.
Saying that, I’ve done most of the exercises myself, so it’s all relative and adaptable.

How does it work?
The course is a collection of video lessons, breaking down the lesson concept (Part 1 invitation, Part 2 Spirit, Part 3 Meditation, Part 4 Emotions, Part 5 Appreciation Part 6 The Law of Attraction), and how to absorb it into your daily life. The exercises, MP3s and journal prompts then provide you with tools to bring the concept into your family’s foundation. The first part is designed to help you find your core beliefs that you want to pass on, this isn’t certain things being taught, rather a process of you feeling secure in your own beliefs and letting them radiate out as well as your child having tools and activities to explore their own feelings and beliefs.

What results will I see?
The interesting thing about consciously inviting Spirit into your home is you really don’t know what’s going to be created. From simple connection between you and your children, to them opening up to questions about spirit, to witnessing the law of attraction in your child’s day and lightly talking about it, there are millions of ways spirit shows up. Saying that, I feel that with this course, you will feel more confident that you are providing spiritual foundations within your home. You will feel more secure in what you believe, what you radiate and what you pass on to your children. Your family will feel lighter and easy going about spiritual concepts, and using meditation and spiritual tools will gradually become a way of life rather than a big deal. It won’t feel contrived or foreign anymore.
Now saying that, every family is different and spirit shows up differently for everyone. My lawyers would have a fit if I started making generalized guarantees, but so far, that’s the response I’m getting from the course’s participants anyway. (We have a private group for the course if anyone wants to disagree!)
Actually, if it helps... here’s what people are saying about Spiritual Kids:

Christina Fletcher's Course empowers parents to tap into what's already found within but may still be untouched.
Through meditations, crafts, journaling prompts and downloadable guides full of nuggets of wisdom she has put together an easy to follow course perfect for parents who are choosing to parent from an awakened state. She brilliantly teaches you how go within and enhance your parenting by learning new spiritual tools and applying them to your parenting.
This is a course you can listen to over and over again and absorb something new.
A perfect addition to your conscious parenting toolbox!
Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten 

I cannot find the words to describe my body's responses. (to Spiritual Kids) ..pure sparkly delight! You have done an amazing job, Christina.... (The course) warmed my heart and I believe that any parent who truly intends to lift the energy of their family to a highly vibration will be inspired by this course...You have brilliantly woven Abraham's teachings throughout the entire course.... my own vibration is raised, just reading through it. Go for it!!!

~ Sandi Schwartz-
Author of Authentic Parenting Power and Coach at Leading Edge Parenting

"This will be a course I experience again and again. I know I will grow and get something new out of it each time.
This course is called "Spiritual Kids", I realised that I am a "kid" when it comes to being spiritually aware, so I did all the exercises myself and learned so much about coming back to being ME.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity, the tools and the little push I needed to invite spirit into my life and show me my path.!"

~ Course participant of Spiritual Kids

Ok, I’m done. Phew.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of something as this course, and I’m sorry for shouting it from the rooftops so often. I just would have loved it when I started out on this journey and I think you will too, and I want you to have it for the best price possible.
It could even be passed on as a gift!

Ok, Now I’m done.
Love and light always,

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