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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Intentions

December brings up a range of emotion within me. Excitement and celebration for the year to come, as well as introspection and assessment of the year that’s been. 
When I was about 10 I started doing a “year in review” and “a year in preview”, the last week of December of each year. It’s morphed through the years I must admit. Now, for the month of December I become more introverted. Like preparing for a hibernation, I allow the darker days of winter to let myself drop into myself. I get to connect a little deeper, drift a little further and explore the light within.
I love passing this on to my children; the ability to take the quiet and enjoy the process, as well as the knowledge that answers lie within.
A few weeks ago I was talking with author Rick Morrison about his new book The Hug Store and I was lucky enough to receive a copy to share with my son. Based on true events the picture book follows Rick’s daughter as she struggles to find a “hug” for her grandpa. Leading to the conclusion of her realising that the hugs lie within herself, she is empowered to be able to share love and affection whenever she wants to, that love never runs out. With its vivid illustrations and fun writing style, the story is an easy read to be read aloud to young listeners, making it a delight to pass on the significance of going within to find what you need, rather than forever searching outside of ourselves.

It’s a wonderful time of year to go within. At the same time, looking around us, and seeing amazing empowering products that are being made to help ourselves and help support our children’s spiritual journey of love are becoming available on a regular basis is exciting. Although the media may try to convince us otherwise, it’s a wonderful time to be on this planet, for both ourselves and our children. Yes, on the outside it can be confusing and fast paced, even frightening. The world can be so chaotic, but it seems like each year we look back upon we can find more tools for enlightenment, more processes and perspectives we can offer our children that helps them tune into their truest selves, and really feel their way to their own connection.

It’s the most important focus at this time. To be able to stand up as ourselves, grounded to the earth, connected to our spiritual source, present in the moment and sensitively aware of our emotional guidance system. That’s what we are here to create and what we want to offer our children. It’s been a time of peer pressure and drama, of influence from outer sources. Within my December meanderings, which are still in early stages, that’s what’s becoming apparent.
It’s a time of gift giving, a time of tool giving perhaps. Holiday seasons are like a pendulum they can chuck you off course from spiritual connection or inspire magic and mystery as you connect within. Books like Rick’s The Hug Store can spark ponderings for our children, activities, crafts, and mostly time together can create the space where spirit can move through our homes, bringing inspiration and motivation to connect more to spirit and disengage from the world’s drama.
This is what I dream of for all I do; to support  homes in being flooded with spirit, not through rules and teachings, but through emotional experiences and guidance. Letting Spirit in and letting it inspire, with support and a shift in perspective to create a feeling of love and relief.

My own e- course, Spiritual Kids,  is created with this philosophy; that when we attune ourselves to our own spiritual connection, things start to happen. Life shifts when we make the intentional promise, when we invite spirit in. People already taking the course are writing in telling me how once they’ve set intention by buying the course for their family and doing the first few invitation exercises, suddenly they are flooded with opportunities to share the exercises and stories with their children, just naturally through the day. Spirit isn’t a forced, uncomfortable issue anymore, it is becoming fluid again, inspired again, as it should be.

Whether it’s through books like Rick’s The Hug Store, or one of the many incredible books out there, or a course like Spiritual Kids, or perhaps your own inner calling’s processes to flood your home with Spirit, I hope this December you can find some space within yourself to stop and feel your way through to letting Spiritual perspective flood your home and interactions with all who live there.

 I hope that you can take just a few moments to review how this year has gotten you to where you are now, and within that space, find the feeling of what you want to create for 2017. It’s an important month for setting intentions and I hope you create beautiful ones.

**** Updated on Dec. 17th...  This year I've set up a FREE workbook to set intentions for your 2018 as well as release your 2017. You can grab it here and use it to create the year of your dreams.***

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