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Friday, November 25, 2016

What does your Spirit feel about Holiday Sales and Shopping?

If your inbox is anything like mine today... wowzers!
I was trying to figure out when this whole “black Friday” thing began, but then if it wasn’t one mad scurry sale it’s another one, so that shouldn’t be the focus.
The focus should be how it feels.

Over on the Facebook group today I mentioned that there’s a huge point made about materialism and spirituality. I’ve witnessed it growing up so many times that people teeter totter between wanting to be “spiritual”... and then feel guilty if they get excited over an item of clothing or piece of electronic equipment. The same imbalance comes in us not wanting our children being focused on toys or “stuff” but come the holidays we’ve all got presents in the back of our minds...
We’ll most of us do anyway.
So where does it settle in modern spirituality? What does “buying” look like to our spirits?
Like I said, it depends on how it feels.
Emotions, along with instincts and inner guidance, are the language of our spirit. As Positive Energy when we feel good it indicated the connection to all we really are... when we feel stressed, upset, frustrated or angry, that shows we need to change our perspective and focus to reconnect to Who We Are as Spirit.
So, if the “buying” or “bargain hunt” is fueled by fun; if it’s excited, joyful and eager... then Spirit is right there, enjoying the season and the experience. (I know... Spiritual shopping, what is better than that?!)
But, the minute it gets stressful, or overwhelming; when it gets noisy or you feel yourself drained of energy and focus.... you’re being told to stop, retreat and find connection to your inner self.
Yeah, it really is that easy. When we watch how we feel we can actually feel our spirit guiding us, telling us when to stop and connect, when to buy, when to not, simply by watching what feels good.
And it never fails. Listen to that emotional guidance and you’ll be led to exactly what you need when you need it, and it will be a joyful ride getting there.
As an example, I’ve been meaning to be more active on my instagram more lately, as a way to share more and provide more tools for connection... but our house is a wifi free zone so it’s been impossible.
Well, on a sale memo today I got notified of a new tool which will make it easy to meet you on there without leaving my computer. I guess I had quietly made the request, and the answer found its way to me with a price that made it even more exciting and easy to see the right path to take.

Also, I wasn’t planning on taking part in any “Holiday Sale” items. As a coach I didn’t really know what it meant. But then, suddenly out of nowhere, yesterday I felt like putting some things together, so I did, for the fun of it. I think they were probably meant for some of you and I was getting the indicator to put it out there, so if you feel good about checking them out, you can do so here

They will be up until Monday unless they go before then. (10 enrollments of Spiritual Kids are on special from its current special and there’s coaching and book deals as well.)

Following your emotional guidance is so vital during this time of year. It may feel illogical or like there are too many things to “do”, but trust me when I say, it gets done so much better when you look within to just see if it “feels” right.

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