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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What this is all about...

Welcome to Parenting from Source, a bold name, but appropriate.
No, I’m not claiming to be Source, or God, rather I believe that we all are spiritual beings and that Source is within us all. When we act from Source, using our gut, instincts, inspiration or feelings as indicators of that connection, than it always go well. For followers of Abraham Hicks and other teachers this will resonate with them well. If you are new to this type of philosophy…well let’s just do a little overview.
First, It is our natural condition to Feel Good. We are from Pure Positive Spirit, negative things can’t exist in that. The only negative emotions and experiences come from our resistance to what we naturally are. We stress, we fight for right, we want people to agree with us, we worry about bills, we worry if our children will do “bad things”. When we let this go, and you do feel the release of it if you just stop for a moment, focus on something else and breathe, then you feel the rush of wellbeing flow to you. Its always flowing towards us, it’s just whether we keep the tap turned on.

Second- Our thoughts create our day. What we think about sends out energy. There’s no doubt about it. A perfect example of this is when you watch a movie and you relive it after over and over again. The energy of the film seems to cloud over your usual day to day. Well this happens with all of our thoughts. But it doesn’t mean you have to scrutinize what you think all the time. We have a built in indicator of them with our emotions. If you feel happy most of the time, you are on the right track, if you feel irritated, annoyed, frustrated, depressed or angry, well look to your thoughts and start focusing on the good things in your life to feel better.

Third- Law of Attraction- Yeah, it’s been talked about a lot but it’s pretty important. Same as gravity, this law works whether you believe in it or not. Basically its “like unto itself is drawn”, I describe it as a magnet, and your holding up the polar end. If you are emitting a feeling of wellbeing, well being is attracted, if you are annoyed, don’t worry that annoying neighbour is going to help you feel that some more. Birds of a feather flock together! So changing your thoughts to feel good, well that suddenly takes priority!

Fourth- Contrast, all that bad stuff, it’s a good thing! Spirit doesn’t stand still, its not static, its ever expanding. Think about that for a minute. Spirit is constantly growing to the next more, the next leading edge thought, and it gets there through our asking. The minute we Ask, Spirit receives. WOW! So every time we ask for more relief, spirit gets it, if we ask for more wellness…swoosh spirit gets it, wisdom, swoosh…. Solutions… swoosh… ever and ever expanding. The trick is that we ask, but then we keep on asking, and asking and asking. We have to take the swoosh! We have to expand too! How? Focus our thoughts, raise our vibration, feel good and we reconnect to the spirit we all are, a more expanded version of what we were.

So, what does this have to do with parenting? Everything. As a pregnant woman, you’ll want to be aware of your baby becoming physical, but being spirit, as an infant your baby is still pure spirit, learning to cope with his new physical body, a baby’s first explorations are about expansion, and we can keep his Gap between him and his spirit pretty close, a toddler’s play is about new perspectives and a child… well a child is a perfect being, who asks questions to grow and learn, who makes mistakes, who loses connection and sometimes has problems getting back. We can help them get back, we can offer tools of a lifetime to our children making them aware of their connection, their inheritance and the power to create a wonderful world for themselves, day by day, thought by thought, feeling by feeling.

That’s what this blog is about. It’s about my explorations, my expansion and my discoveries on being a spiritually aware parent. We have 3 spirits who have chosen us as their portal, wonderful beings who check with their instincts and feeling places before doing anything. I am a busy parent, who puts my feeling place as a priority too and if I don’t feel good, I make myself feel better and then I act.
We have a happy home, with its comfort and contrast, but we focus on the comfort.

But as Abraham says “We never get it wrong and we never get it done.” So, let’s meander, let’s play, let’s jive and let’s expand.

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  1. Just to point out... this post is the same as the welcome and philosophy page. It's just that this will disapear into archives over time where the page can stay forever.