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Thursday, December 2, 2010

the Law of Attraction when life is chaotic

It’s always good when your philosophy gets put to the test and ends up working miracles.

We’ve had a really busy month. My husband, who’s a singer/songwriter, has been releasing a few singles and we’ve been doing all sorts of things to get it out there. Whereas we usually keep our work until night, we’ve been forced to do some in the day, which for our children, has been a nightmare. On top of that Christmas is at the forefront of our daughters’ minds, and quite frankly, it’s creating havoc. Therefore, they ran about, bouncing from one end of the room to another, dropping things where they stood, making a total disaster of their room, and giving their brother a run for his money. Even when our 18 month boy had his nap, chaos seemed to be the order of the day and no matter how much their father and I begged for some calm, focused activity, it just wasn’t in their grasp at that moment.
That night, as hysterical, high-strung voices were the lullaby I put our boy to sleep with, I decided it was time to do something about our daughters’ peace of mind. I could rant and rave, demanding quiet, demanding order, and getting frustrated and mad about their inability to find calm, or I could rely on what I know, find my own peace of mind.
As I lulled our boy to sleep, I found that blissful place of inner calm. I reached in within and found a sense of wellbeing, despite the craziness that was going on downstairs. Suddenly I knew how to deal with it and once the littlest was asleep, I went downstairs, calm, cool and collected.
Our daughters were desperately looking for an episode of Little House on The Prairie on Youtube to continue the new family habit of us 4 sitting together to watch one, but they were getting frustrated, couldn’t find one that was a little cheerful, and everything was going wrong for them. I sat on the couch and said,
“I don’t think we’re going to be able to watch one tonight. You won’t be able to find one, because its not the right vibration. We watch these, to be together as a family, to act like the close, supportive group we are. But because we aren’t acting like that in the day, it’s impossible to attract it at night.”
They thought about it, and since they know about the Law of Attraction and about how we get what we send out, they had to agree.
“We’re not mad.” I continued “because right now things are stressful, and you just haven’t learnt how to deal with it. So we’re going to help you. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up to new schoolwork plans, some chores and some other structured things we need you to do to help us out. When you do them, we will be acting more like how we want the house to feel, Dad and I will have less work to do, and then things will go better when we sit down at night.”
They went to bed slightly tentative but eager by the idea of some structure and the next morning they jumped to their list. They had all their stuff done before our work in the day was finished, and I was slightly worried hysteria would break out again, but in fact they were so use to being helpful and responsible they quickly jumped into new ideas of what to do and were the pure joys they naturally are. We didn’t try to push against their eagerness of Christmas, rather we watched them come up with ideas, crafts and games to build upon everything.
That night, we sat together as a family, and ended up watching a movie we’d been looking for since February. Rather than an hour we had a 2 hour family time and it was lovely.
I guess, The Law of Attraction does it again.
Now excuse me… I have some planning to do for tomorrow

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