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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting off the LOA merry go round

It’s been awhile since I sat to write a blog post, but as I sat down to work tonight I thought I should get some thoughts down on paper, or screen, which ever we are suppose to say in this modern world.
I think everyone has a time once in awhile that life seems to go around and around like a Merry Go Round, and if you let that ball drop just for a moment, when you just for that split second say, “I can’t stand it!” and start to notice the little things that are going wrong, the merry go round speeds up and you attract more of the same.
This has been my last week, I admit it. There was a small window where I took that split second to notice the things that niggled me, and wham, the spins began… and the niggles grew.
It never fails, you let in one niggle, one negative thought, and they grow like ivy. Wellbeing becomes a thing of the past, and the perspective of life as a struggle is always there to become habitual again.
As a parent this is an interesting thing, as often, as I’ve mentioned before, its easy to allow our children’s behaviour to become the niggle that we become focused on in a negative view. It never fails, because when we notice one negative thing about a person, it opens up to more and more things to notice. Then the other person has a tendency to, without knowing, deliver exactly what you become to expect, and the happy family is now stressed, aggravated and wondering how to get connected again.
And then, we get sick.
Yup, it’s been ages since I’ve been sick. But last night, I gave in. I felt awful, head congested and unclear, just wanting to climb into bed and die, sick.
So having woke up last night in a state of congestion, I started to think about my thoughts and where they had led me over the last week. How they’d lost focus and how my body was now offering a huge indicator that I was feeling incredibly off. I knew I had some work to do, and even if it was the wee hours in the morning, it was time to refocus.
The best tool at that time was to start to appreciate, but as I started, I realized that my biggest problem was focusing at all. I then relaxed and focused on my breath, allowing it to drop into deep breathing. I put some focus into the words “ease and flow” and let life meander, rather than trying to control it.
My body offered me the indicator that I was on the right track, as my nose started to clear and my head felt better. I decided to stay in that state and go to sleep.
This morning I woke up, feeling better, but with my husband offering me breakfast in bed and everyone downstairs, I took the chance to do a bit more work.
My focus shifted to thoughts that make me feel good. Having just celebrated our 10th anniversary a couple of weeks ago, the memory of locking eyes with my husband for the first time, lifted me up immediately. I savoured it for a few minutes, reliving the exhilaration. I thought of our children, of the fun we had together as a family on our vacation last week. I watched as even using memories raised my feeling space, step by step.
I jumped to appreciation, and started making lists of the things that I was thankful for,especially having a husband that lets me have a lie in, so I can get my thoughts alligned. I watched as I felt better and better.
Now, law of attraction is a funny thing. For even if you change you perspective, there’s a little bit of delay time. Things will still be happening in response to the old feeling space, and it’s often a challenge to greet them with the new perspective. Therefore, I focused all my energy to remind myself on who my children are, who they really are, and how the current moment looks through their eyes. I saw their own merry go rounds and their own spins, I saw their stress and fear of change. Suddenly the confusion and chaos that the house has been seemed to make sense. I shook myself a little bit, realized my cold was much better and went downstairs to have a lovely day taking our children out for a day in town.
There are so many reasons to feel bad sometimes, but the more we chose to, the more we find reasons to feel bad. There’s so many reasons to feel good, and the more we chose to the more we find reasons to feel good. The good news is, is that even when we focus on the bad, all we are doing is defining what we like and what we don’t, we are defining Who we are becoming. But it simply feels better to feel good and to have things go well. Little step by little step, focus by focus, thought by thought…. The lightbulb is switched on again and connection is attained.


  1. Hi Christina, lovely post. Me, too, am a life-coach and teach the Law of Attraction. I do this with the aid of horses because they reflect a inner shift immediately, without the delay that you are describing.

    That delay is what discourages so many people... especially when it comes to material things. It does take time before a different attitude towards money for instance, manifests in more abundance.

    Horses respond to our energy moment to moment. So with their feedback I can demonstrate to people how our inner world (thoughts and feelings) determines our experience of reality.

    My children are great teachers as well... They teach me that "being positive" is a moving target! It's not like ever simply "getting there" and being happily positive ever after... It's a choice, moment to moment to moment... My children are able to remind me of that, by pushing my buttons on a regular basis! Just yesterday I got totally frustrated with my daughter and I lost my cool... Arrggggg!

    It keeps me humble. It is all so simple and yet it takes something to choose to focus and what we DO want, moment to moment, day by day. But when we do... life does get better and better.

    Have a lovely day! Anna Mae Gold