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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Being Grateful, Being Thankful book review

Life is full of moments that remind us of the power of the Law of Attraction and how it works consistently through our lives. With the mere concept of like attracting like, and us, as energy beings, constantly sending out a vibration of something or other and attracting it back again, it can often be overwhelming as we watch ourselves become the victim to our own vibrational cycle. One of the things that can stop this cycle is the feeling of appreciation and it is upon that theme which Sarah Butland has done such a lovely job. With her book, Being Grateful, Being Thankful, Sarah reminds readers of the simple things that we can all appreciate. From water that flows from the tap, to the sun that shines in the sky, to technology that is ever improving beyond our imaginations, there is so much around us that we can put our focus on and appreciate, shifting our feeling space for the better.
A thought needs to be held for 17 seconds, uncontradicted, in order to alter our vibration slightly, four sets of 17 seconds and it builds to alter our point of attraction. What Sarah does so beautifully is create an expanding version of each thing she appreciates. Rather than offering a run-off list of things to be thankful for, she creates a couple of pages, fully flushing out the item, concept or reality, so that the feeling of appreciation can be strongly felt from the reader.
Sarah offers 30 topics to feel grateful for, so it strikes me that it would serve well as a monthly challenge, reading one chapter a day and truly letting the day be filled with appreciation for that focus each day.

Being Grateful, Being Thankful is a lovely addition to a library as a reminder that we truly have a lot to appreciate.

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