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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hands Are For Holding

My son has never been spanked.
But I can’t say that about my girls. When they were younger... I thought I had to be the one in
control. I thought that was just how it was done.
I just didn’t know there was another way. But my girls soon taught me there was a much better way.

When I realized I was teaching them to hit through my hitting life flooded through the window and lit up my soul. My girls and I started on the most exciting journey of compassion, understanding and love and it paved the way for exciting pre-teen years, where we stand together, not against each other.

But still, so many parents think that spanking is the way to get “results”. Still, today, parents are often taught that they need to control their children rather than understand them. They feel judged as people by how their children behave and punishing them by hitting and spanking is a way to find that control again... and for some reason society seems to think that’s ok, even if an adult did this to another adult the police would be called.

So, this season, I want to help an organization that I’ve wanted to help for a long time, and I’m asking for your help to do it too.

(So, here’s my sudden inspired idea) Until Christmas, I’m changing the price of my audio course to $10.00 and proceeds will be going to this organization to support them this season.
I looked around. I was going to offer the money to support someone over Christmas, but then I thought what better present to children than to offer their parents positive parenting tools! Its food for thought. offers tools, perspective shifts, and support to stop the spanking cycle as well as education on the long term effects spanking has on our children and helping parents learn there’s another way. For those of you who know the wonderful work of Parenting beyond Punishment, you may of heard of the non-profit organization. However as a Non-profit they need as much help they can get to share their tools and information and help parents who are falling into the cycle of anger and spanking without knowing they can turn it all around.

SO to recap.
The Audio Course Taking the Stress Out of The Holidays is now $10.00 with proceeds going to the also known as Hands Are For Holding. 
You can grab the course here no discount code, no anything. Spread the word and let’s get as much support as possible to this great cause.
And, if by any chance, you still haven’t been able to stop yourself from raising your hand to your child, feel free to contact me or this organization. No questions, no cost, I've been there, I get it. Let’s  bridge the gap between you and your child.
Happy Holidays.

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