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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Spiritually Aware Pregnancy

This journey of mine, this trip of parenting from source, as a writer and as a coach, started with one book.
 One manuscript, written in the quiet of the night, which I wrote while exploring the spiritual rush I’d felt connecting to my son through pregnancy. While I’d been pregnant with my daughters, I’d scanned the bookshelves of every bookstore (funny to think how little I used the internet 14 years ago), I researched mystical pregnancies and spiritual connection, but it seemed like the more I looked, the more I couldn’t find what I was searching for. So, when I finally tapped in and found my connection again, I wrote the book I couldn’t find.
Pregnancy for me is a re-birth. It’s this magical time when we are two. When our body is the encasement of 2 spirits... 2 souls call our body home. We take for granted the magic that takes place in every moment, but it happens nonetheless. We even grow a new organ to support new life.
A spiritual being chose us to be their launching place, to be their foundation for how their life begins and then what they observe from us, even before birth, becomes the framework for their perspective, which they can later take on or cast away.
And then there’s us. We’re given 9 months to walk through a doorway, the doorway between the pre-parent, who’s focus is solely on our own space, reactions, feelings, and personal experience, and then into parenting, when suddenly, things simply look different.
It’s an expansive journey. Just like the contractions of labor you can almost feel your life stretching out, widening your perspective. Pregnancy is a time of inner and outer work and society has a tendency to limit it to a physical experience... but it’s so much more. It’s a time to dive deep. A time to learn about ourselves and who we want to be. It’s a time to learn how to hear our authentic voice, to tap into a deep spiritual connection, and to fill our spiritual tool box in preparation for every late night feeding and toddler tantrum.
Just as eating the right diet can prepare our body for birth and can set our child up with the best start to life, in my mind, taking the time in pregnancy to learn spiritual awareness, to develop new perspectives and to have insight on where you’ve been, how far you’ve come and where you are heading, taking that time, creates the most powerful platform for our children’s lives.
So, what does a spiritually aware pregnancy look like? Oh, far too magical and wide spread for one blogpost, but it creates a time for the following:
1)      Getting to know your authentic voice, finding your connection point so you’ll know your instincts when they kick in and trust them.
2)      Seeing the world through the eyes of your baby, even before she is earthside, getting to know her on that deeper spiritual level, so even when she’s 16 you can look at her and recognize the same essence.
3)      Having the time to build up a meditational inner room for yourself, a place where you can retreat and find your centre, in the craziest of chaos.
4)      A time to shift from a fear perspective to one of love and trust. A time to know that all things come when ready and to trust the processes of life.
5)      A time to co-create together, you and your baby, offering a foundational worldview of love and security... one of continual exploration and growth.
6)      A time to create a habit of positive and creative thought, facilitating the law of attraction to create a better pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.
A spiritually aware pregnancy creates a perspective where you and your child embark on a journey together. It’s no longer a question of you finding yourself suddenly with a baby in your arms after some strange physical and medical experience. Rather, you embrace your new, spiritual companion, even at the size of a grain of rice, as someone to open your eyes to new possibilities and perspectives, aware of life from a different vantage point.
So, why am I suddenly talking about pregnancy?
Well, mostly because I was invited to be part of this video series through the Baby Maven and it started this week. You have about 10 days left to sign up, and honestly it’s an incredible resource: 15 video interviews with various pregnancy and baby experts, offering fantastic advice.  It was a joy to start talking with Hannah Poles, who hosts the event, and I got to thinking...
Pregnancy is where this all started.
I love my work with every core of my being. I love chatting with everyone and finding inspiring solutions, better feeling spaces, and shifted perspectives over all things parenting. I love hearing about how people’s lives are better, families are happier and children and parents alike are feeling empowered. I approach my work in awe each day, seeing how it is unfolding.
 But I sure hope pregnant and new parents know that there’s a massive space for them over here too.
For no matter where we are on this journey, it’s all about remembering that we are positive, spiritual beings, having a physical experience. We are all growing, learning and reaching for better feeling spaces.
And sometimes, when life gets hairy, it’s easy to forget that we can log off and tune in to a spiritual frequency, where we have unlimited re-sources. But, that’s just the way it is.

To sign up for the Baby Maven’s video series please visit here

To check out more about Spiritually Aware Pregnancy coaching and programs visit here
Oh and if you want to check out that book I wrote... way back in the beginning... its called Who They Really Are and you can find it here (find a 25% discount over on the Facebook page) or on Amazon

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