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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother Day Guilt

So, we’re talking about guilt!
I mentioned last week that there are 3 kinds of guilt and we’ll be looking at them deeper over the coming weeks, but I wanted to draw a little attention to one of them... the self guilt... because for many moms its Mother’s Day this weekend and well, guilt can always play into any celebratory day.
So, as a mom, we can often feel like we give and give, and leave nothing for ourselves, so when its a time to celebrate, well ourselves, we claim “My day! I want a break.”
But then, we feel guilty for actually asking for that.
And we feel guilty for wanting that in the first place.
And we feel guilty when we feel upset for people not offering it and we have to ask.
And we feel guilty for needing it... as if we aren’t up to being the mom we want to be.
And, well, I think you get the picture.
And so, as with everything in this guilt themed couple of months, I’m here to shout Stop... and give yourself the space to forgive and love yourself.
Whether its mother’s day where you are, or not, I want to send you this small message on the wind.
I want you to feel it caressing your soul, your heart, and providing you with relief.
“Lovely Woman. Breathe Deep. Today, look in the mirror and applaud yourself. You are doing wonderfully. You have brought children into the world and are offering them a platform of love and support. You are allowed to also be Yourself...because that is who you came to be... and that is who your children chose to come to. They didn’t chose a cleaner, cook, or playmate. They didn’t chose someone to teach them how to do right or even how to be themselves. They chose you for you.”
Now, from that space... celebrate being a mom. Without forced sleep-ins or presents. Without “should” or “shouldn’ts” It is the have-to’s that create guilt.
So, celebrate Yourself, by dropping into the space of who Yourself is. Who are you, as a mom and as a person? Take that moment to appreciate all you are.
Remember the law of attraction? Well, ironically, when you take the focus from the Shoulds of celebrations, and focus on feeling good, the rest of the day takes care of itself. One feeling good moment to another.

Now... still struggling with guilt? Don’t forget to sign up for the webinar “Free Yourself From Guilt” as we break down all three kinds of guilt and deal with them directly!

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