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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do You Crave Empowerment?

What does the word “Empowerment” mean to you? Do you feel empowered to be authentic to yourself... or does the daily routine and toil sometimes mean that you lose sight of yourself? Does life in fact, make you feel disempowered? Well there’s a sobering thought, right?
The word empowering can make some people hesitate slightly. The idea of self power can make some uneasy, and yet, as scientists or healers alike will attest to, as energy beings we are all powerful.
 There’s the power of our focus and the power of our intention.
There’s the power of love for that matter.
 Whether we like the idea of being powerful, or if it makes us feel like we are overstepping our boundaries, there is no doubt that we all have an inner fire, a powerful generator of energy force that radiates as ourselves, and that fire sometimes needs to be fueled. To me, that’s what empowerment means; to fuel the fire of our inner selves, in order for it to radiate out stronger and more authentically.
Empowerment allows us to show up as ourselves, to not waiver in our sense of who we are, but to trust that inner guidance that carries us through. It’s an exhilarating thing to help parents feel empowered to show up as themselves each day. Someone just asked me what my favorite part of my work is, and that’s what I told them; the relief in a client’s voice when they get the feeling of what it’s really like to show up to their family as themselves. When the penny, and the “should” version of them, drops. Ohhhh... it gives me shivers of spiritual connection.
A few months ago I was asked to be part of a Women Empowerment Summit with Heather Devore and the summit starts on the November 7th. Twenty-five other experts and I will be discussing women, empowerment techniques and the question “What keeps us small?”
 Small. Oh. That’s another sobering thought, isn’t it?
I loved taking part in this interview and I loved this question. We can assume that we keep ourselves small because we accidently get swept up in a perception of ourselves that doesn’t match the truest version. We can get distracted with the idea of what we “should” be and keep ourselves small in order to avoid what we “dream” to be. We can keep ourselves small because, as I mentioned, we can fear the concept of what power is. We can actually be afraid of our inner nature.
Or we can keep ourselves small because everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t we? Why should we attempt to reach great heights when it may alienate us from others? Phew.
Well, I really am excited to listen to all the responses to this question in next week free summit and I would really love to see you there as well. There will be a linked Facebook group as well, so you can ask questions and create dialogue... it’s going to be an incredibly insightful experience.
So where do you need to feel empowered? What holds you back from being the greatest version of yourself? Do you keep yourself feeling small or do you shine as a bright light for the world to see each day?
You can sign up for the summit here. It starts November 7th and I look forward to seeing you there.

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