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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to live in a positive space after an election.

I don’t talk politics. Hey, I usually live somewhere between a chaos of family living, running a business and finding connection time with my Spiritual Source. Worldly events, baffle me and... let’s face it drag me down. We can all get caught up in Facebook land, and complaining and gossiping... but at the end of the day we can usually refocus on what’s around us.
Today, may not be one of those days. Today, the world watches the aftermath of yesterday’s elections and if we’re not mindful, we could talk about it, be scared of it, complain about it, natter about it, turn on our neighbors about it, be in disbelief about it and create monsters, demons and horrors in our imaginations and conversations. We have to take a step back.
Imagine your thoughts... your personal focus, as a beam of light. That light is altered by your focus.
Now, imagine if you and many like you focused on creating a joyful focus; a focus on love, healing and blessings.
It feels like we should be focused on what’s going on in the world today, right?
But there’s nothing that can be done at this moment. WE can’t do anything... we can only fuel fear and upset with our focus.
Or we can re-focus, ground, centre and radiate Who We Each Really Are; mainly Love.
Play with your children today. Go out for ice-cream. Today, more than ever it is important to radiate wellbeing. Maybe I’ll make some brownies and watch a funny family movie. We give power with our focus... I think it’s time the power went to Love, don’t you?
It’s a habit, an addiction to friction and, maybe, just maybe, this whole event has happened so we can heal ourselves and take how we feel back to our own focus.
It’s for our children, you know. They are currently surrounded by panic. 3 year olds are talking about the names Trump and Clinton. It might sound cute, but they are also aware of our energy we are radiating in stress. So, we need to pass onto them the clear message;
We are each in charge of our focus, our feelings and our moments. Wellbeing is flowing and we are taken care of. We allow love to flow when we are radiating love.
Let’s join together in love today and all this week. Meet me over at the group and let’s talk silliness. Bring your favorite story, show a photo of your crystal collection or beautiful yard. Let’s share what brings us joy.
Love and light to you dear one.
(Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you wish or share this post on Facebook. We need to spread the love.)
Love always,

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