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Saturday, October 2, 2010

An example of LOA in a parenting scenario

Last night I was wondering what my next post would be about, when suddenly I “felt” Law of Attraction and parenting would be a good thing to cover. I remember pondering how I would write about it, thinking that a personal example would be good, and then just before drifting off to sleep, I offered it up to the Universe to tell me how to write about it.
Well then today happened… what a good intro to parenting with Law of Attraction.
I woke up groggy this morning. It’d been a late night working and I was woken up by a slight disagreement between the girls, I then stumbled downstairs and did the breakfast routine, but everyone seemed to have jangled nerves. Wait, rephrase that, I don’t know if they had jangled nerves or if I was just feeling off, so it jangled mine, but it seemed that everything and everyone required my attention at once. Our daughters wanted to tell me things, our son wanted to get into things he shouldn’t, animals needed to be let out, pancakes started to burn… total mayhem for my barely awake brain.
After breakfast was no better, our 15 month old son kept asking to go outside to play, usually I take him for a little walk, but this morning, my focus was shifted, I was lost in my stressed out thoughts, which seemed to escalate everytime he got into something. He then pointed to the car keys, he wanted to play in the car (which we sometimes allow when its parked up somewhere, he just likes to pretend to drive the steering wheel), suddenly the phone was ringing, one of our daughters needed me upstairs the other wanted my help writing a story. I told everyone I needed to put our son down for his nap, but he refused to settle…. More chaos, more chaos.
Finally, I realized what was happening, I was creating this chaos and it wasn’t going to get any better unless I did!
So, I set the girls up, telling them I just needed to fix my thoughts and change my feeling space, I grabbed our son and took him out to the car. In my frustration I moved a tub of apple sauce, and as I moved it, it splattered all over me. My husband stared at me in disbelief, there was no logical reason for me to get splattered. Rather, I was getting a huge indicator to change my Point of Attraction.
I sat there in the car and my husband joined me. Our son played at the wheel, emptying out pockets and the thing-a-ma-jig in the armrest. He tumbled out CD’s and wrestled with the crooklock, he even tried to put the key in the ignition. But none of it bothered me. All I could notice was how he was connected again. His frustration was gone, and he was up and running, with a pure signal. I watched him, appreciated him, played with him. We put on some music and he danced and sang. I sat back, and refocused away from all that chaos. Suddenly, in that moment, I woke up.
By taken my thoughts away from the chaos, it disappeared. By appreciating my son’s play, playing with him and staring in my husband’s eyes for a few moments, I relaxed. I ‘let my cork float’ and by the time the song was finished I was back to Feeling Good.
After that, I had a lovely day. Sure our son didn’t settle for a nap until 4pm, but it was lovely having him awake. I put some music on upstairs and we danced together, he even learnt how to kick. Our daughters joined us and really, it all turned out a simply lovely Saturday afternoon.
Sure, it might have turned out alright even if I hadn’t changed my point of attraction, but the question is, even if it had, from my chaotic mind, from my place of frustration, would I have noticed the turn around? Or would I have focused on a small thing that would annoy me. Chances are, I would have, because that was where I was vibrationally. It wasn’t until I made the shift that I was able to see things from a different light.
So there you have it. A bittersweet example of Parenting with awareness of the Law of Attraction.

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