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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Music and Feelings

I haven’t written a post for awhile, but I’m back and I want to tell you about the reason why I’ve been not writing for a week.
My husband, the king of my heart, is a songwriter/singer and we’ve been busy releasing his first single, The True Wonderland. Its now available on his website, CDBABY and to hear on YouTube.
But this is a parenting blog, and this post is still about parenting, have no fear.
A few weeks ago on The Mothering Magazine Facebook page, they asked the question “what embarrassing song does your child sing?” There were so many responses, about children singing inappropriate lyrics out loud, then other replies of attacks from parents who asked how those types of songs could be played around children so they learnt the words. The banter went back and forth but the focus stayed on the lyrics and whether children should only be allowed to hear Nursery Rhymes and Barney until they were 13.
Music is such a powerful medium. Songs go through our heads all day long, without our awareness half the time and the intention of the song plays over and over setting up our feeling of the day. Law of Attraction plays a part then and tunes in to the tune we play sort of speak.
My husband creates music that raises vibration. They make you feel Good, the lyrics are about appreciation, about being connected, about magic and Who We Really Are.
He’s been inspired and he truly feels the songs have written themselves. In the beginning he just started writing them for us, in order to have music to play in the car. When we became aware of the power of music, it became difficult to find music that left us with the feeling we wanted to feel all day. The girls had their Abba and that was iffy sometimes for vibrations!
Now, all they want to play is their dad’s songs. They know all the words and sing them all day long. Our 15 month old asks to go in the car just to dance about and hear it.

Today, our son was fussy. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. Finally, with his repeats of “da da” and going to the stereo I figured it out. I put it on in our daughters’ room and soon all three children were dancing and playing and from being a stressful day, relief was found. All three were connected again.
I find it amazing to watch them. We talk concepts of LOA, we talk ideas of feeling good, we talk creation of a day, but then put on a song and BOOM they comprehend it, they go straight to that place of burbling joy and they dance and play. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

It goes beyond lyrics. If a song is about Love, than as long as its about Love, and it resonates with love than no questionable lyrics will do any harm. However, no matter how “clean” the words are, if the song’s intention is negative, that’s what a child will react to and carry for the day.
Children work on feelings, not words. Music is a direct link to their feeling space and our house has never burbled with such happiness, or so much dancing, as it does now that this music’s been written.
And quite frankly there’s nothing embarrassing about hearing our children sing lines like:
“Longing for happy futures will never lead me to my goal, worry and disillusion will only keep me in my hole.”
Now, this isn’t PR (although if you want to check it out you can visit his website but I would love to cause an awareness to the power of music and the fact that the feeling of a song can affect our reality, our children’s reality, their perspectives, their feelings and their connection. Wouldn’t it be great if they grew up asking themselves before they put on any music “How will I feel after listening to this song, and is that how I want to chose how to feel?” As Spiritually aware parents, isn’t that an amazing tool to offer them? And wouldn’t it be great to look them squarely in the eye, and no matter what music we love to listen to, if they asked us why we love it we could always reply “because I love how it makes me feel?|”
What a profound statement that is, for all choices of entertainment. That is the way our son feels, you can tell. He can’t comprehend the lyrics, he loves the songs because of how they feel!
Now, I have to go. Jeff’s recording again! Tra la la!

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