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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The stress free, guilt free feel good New Years

Well, the wrapping paper has been thrown away, the chocolates are mostly gone, and a few little pieces to this toy or that has gone to the place they do and never return, no matter how hard you look. Over all, it was a nice Christmas. After weeks of nerves and stress from our two darling girls, Christmas came and went, and they slept well Christmas night, knowing it was a 365 day wait until the next. But they were also prepared for the fact that the best was yet to come.
Boxing Day and Christmas week, what a lovely thing. We sit around in pjs, eating left over treats, watching movies and squeezing out loads of family time. We pull out board games and let the girls stay up way later than usual and then we sigh, why don’t we do more of this usually? Yes this is the week that stress is gone and it feels Off to do any work, we just look for things to enjoy and then do them some more. At the same time the children have new things that they are thrilled with and are happy to play, play, play all day without looking for more. Sigh, lovely.
However, around this time my thoughts always shift to the New Year ahead and the old year that’s gone. Where have I come to, what have I done, What will I do, and how do I enter through the gateway of 2011? What will be the energy of the new year, what will it feel like and how do I want to feel in it?
New year resolutions are interesting things. They seem to represent the hidden desires of us all, what we really want, but then are given the stress of struggle and the idea of obstacles that need to be surmounted.
“Here’s a thing I really, really, really want,” we tell ourselves, “and its going to be so, so ,so hard to accomplish, but I will put myself to the test and beat this thing! I never keep new year’s resolutions, but this year I will, gosh darn it!”
What an energy to put ourselves in for a brand new start. Meanwhile, resolutions are usually forgotten by mid-January so then we feel guilty at being weak. Ah, lovely.
But if we could just stay at the point of that hidden desire from which our resolutions are born. The one that says, here, this is where I want to be, I want to be thinner and imagine how my life would be if it was so. Or I want to be successful, imagine my life if it was so. Or I want to be a better parent, imagine my life if it was so.
And then STOP before you get into the not so happy place of “So if I want that I have to do this, and this and this… and I have to hurry before swim suit season is here…etc, before my kids are grown up and my chance is blown, I have to work really hard at this…” Well you know the drill.
Yes, I’ve been looking a lot at the coming year and trying it on as if a piece of clothing. Has where I’ve come from this year past, fit me well? Or shall I make some alterations? Has it created the future year to have my desires, my passions and my soul purposes fulfilled, or am I way off track and the new year doesn’t fit me at all?
And what about parenting? Where does it fall into this rant on New Year ideas? Tonight I sat looking at my sleeping son and imagined years down the road. When he is grown will his mom-eries fit me well? Will what him and his sisters take from this childhood of theirs match the energy I dream at night of? Is the home we’re creating, the feeling of the home I’ve always wished to create for them?
New Year resolutions for me don’t have to be stressful regimes and guilt filled denial of things. Rather I choose to take some time to take stock of my vibration and where it is taking me. Also, what is the vibration of what I want the new year to bring? What is my vibration as a parent? Do I get stressed too much, anxious, bored? Do I look to my children as excuses to not feel good, or do I use them as the vibration raisers they are, a distraction from anything that bothers me and a reason to grab hold of the moment and play my heart out? I know for a fact, that the more I take pleasure in enjoying my moments with them, the better parent I will be. I know that the more I relax and let the wellbeing flow, the more my vibration will blend with everything I am.
Therefore, I will spend sometime in my thoughts, creating the feeling of the kind of parent I wish to be. I will imagine the feeling of our children running to me with their questions or problems, I will feel the freedom of laughing and playing with them, I will imagine the ease of helping them learn and grow, and the satisfaction of passing on tools to them to help them in their future, without strain or stress, just organically out of life.

But, what if thin/slim is your vision for the new year? What if success, wealth and abundance is what you have tagged 2011 for? Try them on for size, literally. Imagine how it feels, does it feel like you? Can you imagine the energy of what that feels like? Than that’s all the resolution you have to have. To imagine, to enjoy, to relish and to trust in its coming when it is truly a well tailored fit.
The work, work, work thing, only gets what you think you can achieve, maybe. By imagining the vibration of what you want, by savouring the moments you capture it in thought, by enjoying the little moments of time of pure pleasure, opens up the doorways to have things beyond your imagination to flow your way.
For New Years, my husband is releasing his single I Will Consciously Create My Day. Personally, I think there is no better way to start the new year than with that simple statement. Focus on the good things, create a lovely day for yourself and with that a lifetime of good days will follow.
Happy New Year everyone, and may the vibrations that flow over you, through you and with you be a perfect match to everything you really are, without struggle, hardship or a drop of unhappiness.

I will Consciously Create My Day by Jeff Fletcher is available thru itunes worldwide. Check out for more information.

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