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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Daughter, Harry Potter and LOA

Our eldest daughter has started reading the Harry Potter series after hearing all the hype about them. She’s a mature 8 and we thought she would be alright with it, even if it was scary in parts. Tonight she proved she has amazing tools within herself. Ready for it? More than I would say.
It’s the girls’ usual practice to read before going to sleep. It seems to put them into a quiet and contemplative space and as long as they are reading nice things, sets them up for a good night in dreamland. Well, tonight I got called up as our daughter said she had a big problem. She was tired, but she was reading her book.
I asked if it was too exciting and she couldn’t put it down, even as her eyes closed upon her. Her answer was no. I asked if it was too scary, again no. She hadn’t reached the scary parts yet.
Her problem she told me, was that the book was just awful. She described the first couple of chapters of the second book, as Harry and Ron were almost expelled for appearing at Hogwarts late, how everyone was mad at them, how frustrating it was, and how the feeling of it felt just “awful”. She didn’t want to go to sleep in that vibration.

There are moments in parenting, when the pride in your heart literally seems to make you feel like you could burst.
Our daughter had caught something so subtle, and yet so important.
Books, movies and other mediums are powerful ones. They create new feeling spaces that we then take on as our own. We literally step into their worlds and if its not a nice world, we take ourselves to a place that will feel off.
When we go to sleep, we join our spirits and our dreams can provide us with a snapshot of where we are vibrationally through the day and especially the last moments of being awake, which usually sum a day up. I had talked to our daughter a few nights before about what dreams represent. That if you appreciate things around you, if you put yourself into a feeling of appreciation, awe, love, beauty, than your dreams will bring that feeling back to you, tenfold.
Looks like she was listening and from now on will be more careful what book she takes to bed.
But it raises another point about awareness. The written word, media, even what you talk about with your neighbors create a fabric for your thoughts. It can usually set up your vibration, as you think of it so often. And where’s there vibration, there’s law of attraction bringing some more of it.
Oh, I’m so proud of our girl. She recognized a vibration she didn’t want in herself and switched books. What an achievement! To be that aware of how she feels… oh I love it.
But then there’s me. People, places, films, books, newspapers, how much thought time am I giving them? How much are they becoming the fabric of my life? And what does it mean?
Well, I don’t know if our girl will put down HP for good, it might be a day book. But she went to sleep reading fairy books and to me that’s a smart idea.

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