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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Science and Positive Thought.... measuring the current

Sunday is exploration day for our family. We have gotten into the habit since coming over to the UK to be tourists AT LEAST on Sundays.
Well, today we went to a local Windmill in the middle of the city. It was quite phenomenal, especially as it mills its own flour and we can buy it for a very good price. But that is not the purpose of this blog post… far from it. I need to tell you about a rather extraordinary discovery we made.
Beside the Windmill is a Science Centre that has a lot of great hands on displays. One of the displays was called The Human Battery. Basically it was an electricity reader thing-jig (my dad will probably tell me the technical name after he reads this-LOL), a small sheet of copper and beside it, a sheet of aluminium. You place one hand on each sheet and a current is created, the reader measures your current.
Neat, right?
Now I’m really not good at science and electricity has always evaded me. However, I was intrigued when our children did the test and their current hit 100, while my husband and I registered at a mere 50. At first my husband exclaimed “we’re dying” and images of flickering lightbulbs went through my head.
However, then we started to think a bit more about it and we decided to put it to the test. Here’s when the phenomenon takes place… and why it belongs in a Spiritually Aware Blog.

I tried the test again, only this time I tried to focus on something. I’d noticed that, although I’d been enjoying the displays, my mind was fragmented; I was neutral, just kind of going through motions, thinking random, scattered things. Therefore, my reading had been pretty neutral. So I focused more, I imagined a moment in time that made me feel wonderful, I put effort into feeling positive. I put my hands on the sheets, and it hit 75. My current was stronger. I was still distracted… 3 children, (one 2 years old) in a science centre… I was going to be distracted… but still it moved.
My husband joined me, he’d been watching a movie on the Windmill and had found himself focused and happy as he’d really enjoyed it. He immediately, with that sense of jiving, tried the test and he hit 90.
So… we said… let’s get this straight. If we are electrical, vibrational beings than a current flows through us, but our thoughts have a direct link to how strong of current we create.
We decided on further tests. My husband’s brother, who had also scored a measly 50 at first, decided to focus on lying on the beach in Spain…. Boom he hit 80.
My husband played with it. He put focus on something he hated… purposely made himself feel awful… and his reading dropped to 40. With his hands still on the sheets of metal, he changed his thought direction focusing on that wonderful feeling of jiving. He focused on Feeling that great swell in your stomach when something really connects you, he focused on joy and feeling good…. The needle went straight to 100.
It’s about feelings not thoughts. Focusing our thoughts create the feelings, but creating the feeling is the goal. Feelings are what create the energy/electricity within us. We don’t need an electricity reader to make the connection for the energy is always flowing through us, around us, connecting and affecting everything in our lives. The reader just lets us know when we hit it.
It becomes understandable how the Law of Attraction works with this example. The law of attraction picks up on the feeling space/energy/electricity we are sending out and creates more of the same. If we hold ourselves at a 100 reading, or even 75, we will be attracting a more than neutral result. We will be awake to the moment and creating positive moments through the day.
So, why did all three of our children reach 100 without even refocusing?
Children live in the moment. It’s often us as parents who put the “should do’s” or “maybe’s” in their path. Our children were jiving, in the moment, focused on being in fun surroundings, trying out new things. The brain chatter which unfocuses us as adults didn’t touch them. Funny to think that we feel we need to teach them spiritual truths, isn’t it?
There’s a lot of stuff on the internet about the Human Battery. However, I don’t know how many people have done the positive thought test. I’d be curious to find out. But for me it was yet another proof that living positively works to create better days and that I still have a far way to go to silence my chatter brain. I will work on living in focus, and not getting distracted by worry or feeling rushed and stressed.
I get tempted to go out and buy sheets of metal and an electric reader, but really I think I know what I need to do. Take a few moments within the day, every day, to create that wonderful glow within, that sense of relief as I connect and feel good.
I think I’ll know when I hit 100.

(I'd like to credit the photo to, as I forgot to charge up my camera today... yes it was out of batteries. How ironic!)

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