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Friday, July 15, 2011

Music, Movies, Books and The Law of Attraction

Two blogs in two days! Unbelievable, I know, but I had to share a problem I’m having with everyone on here.
I picked up a book. I know, it doesn’t sound like a problem, but in truth I am a compulsive reader and when I read I enter the book so entirely that I don’t really notice much else. I may have a score of things to do, but putting a book down is often a huge obstacle for me. It doesn’t help that the book I picked up, finding it at the library on yet another one of our visits, is Ink Heart, a story where the characters literally do come to life. (For anyone who saw the movie, I suggest reading the book… if you want to be carried away and as distracted as I am.)
I always forget how involved I get in a book. It creeps up on me, as I flip through the crisp pages, just as in Inkheart, the characters call to me, asking to tell me their story.
Alright, so now I’m really rambling, right. But I do have a point to this, honest.
Due to this pull into the literary world, I have to be very careful what books I pick up. If I enter a world, I want to make sure it will be the right feeling space to live in for a bit. Oh sure, Ink Heart has its shady characters (downright nasty) and it has its suspense etc, but its exciting, its adventurous, its exhilarating. It’s just what I felt like really. But have you ever wondered how books, movies, music, computer games, etc affect our attraction point?
If the Law of Attraction responds directly by how we feel, recognizing the vibration of it and offering more of the same, what about all those vibrations we immerse ourselves in through various media? It’s a powerful thought. Almost scary to look at really.
Now I’m not saying I’m going to attract fictional characters coming to life, and I’m not expecting things to change if I read out loud, but the essence of a book can carry you away and linger with you still even after you’ve put it down. A sense of adventure, a sense of fun, or the unexpected. How often do we watch a movie and can’t get it out of our heads? We discuss them over and over, reliving the scenes as we go. What about sad movies, tragedies, war or lost loves? Do those create sadness within us that we carry around even after it’s over?
It’s just an interesting thought, and something to be aware of for us and our children? What are the feeling spaces put into the house by television? How about music?
My husband has been a songwriter for years and when we got into the concepts of being spiritually aware he started to look at music differently. He looked everywhere for something to raise our vibration, to lift us up and act as a positive attraction point. Just some CD to put on in the car that would make the time creative. For when we are distracted by something positive and focus on it, when we just relax in feeling good for a bit, our whole attraction point changes and shifts to that. Supposedly it takes 17 seconds to make a shift in a feeling space and 68 seconds of that focus will alter the Law of Attraction in our lives. 68 seconds?! Think how long a movie is…. Wait… or a book? Uh-oh.
We put it to the test for a long time. When we play my husband’s songs in the car, we all feel great. I couldn’t believe the effect it had on our son, even when he was a lot younger than now. He sensed the joy, the appreciation… I watched him feel better and better and better, once we tried playing something else and he burst into tears.
It’s crazy I know, but when you think about it, it makes sense. How often does a song go through our heads, without even noticing it? If the lyrics are upsetting, or the tune depressing, that is going to flow through us, same as replaying a movie in our heads over and over. The media we put into our lives and our family’s lives, literally creates our days on a feeling space level. It’s the same for our children too. Its vital for us to be aware of everything from the feeling space of, story books, Dora the explorer, to what music we play in the car.
Now knowing this… why am I still reading Inkheart? Well, I seem to be excited to read it… its pretty thrilling…. And the feeling space of it is based in beauty….
Actually as I think about it… I think I’ll go read just another chapter, while the house is quiet.

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  1. Music is a powerful tool to help us feel better and lift our spirits. Music can also be used to stir other emotions such as patriotism, the urge to fight, and despair.

    All media can have this impact on us and our vibration--and therefore what we attract into our lives.

    Like you, I don't believe that reading a book about vampires (for example) is going to bring them into our lives, but if we keep ourselves immersed in negativity energy via movies, books, or the news, we will tend to have emit that vibration. Because we do that, we will attract experiences that align with that vibration.

    If the book is also exciting and thrilling and makes us smile and laugh--then our energy is in alignment with those sorts of events. The short answer is, does reading that book/listening to that song make you feel better? Or is it the one that makes you burst into tears? Both can be useful--as tears can be cathartic--but go with your gut to see if it is the right fit for you in this moment. If not, shut it off (or close it).