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Monday, June 27, 2016

Authentic Parenting Power

So, three years ago, I was in touch with the amazing Sandi Schwartz and I said I would love to read her book, so I could review it and place it as a resource here on this blog.
Three years... one resounding forehead slap. In the meantime, I have carried this book with me, I’ve recommended this book to many and quite honestly, each time I look at it, I remind myself to stop having life so busy if it means I can’t review books that are so incredible that they should be in every parent’s library.
Well, fast forward three years and sigh ... it’s about time.
In her book Authentic Parenting Power, co-authored by her daughter Melissa, Sandi offers a guide and toolbox for parents to reclaim Who They are and understand their children with a deeper comprehension of their motivation and personality types, ridding ourselves of judgement of them or ourselves for how they function and react to the world around them.
Sandi Schwartz boasts an incredible resume in education and parenting, therefore this book is brimming with everything from inspiring nuggets, case studies, practical advice, and pointers that can really shift the reader’s perspective to an Ah-Ha moment perspective.
We live in a time when parents are struggling to find the parenting model that “works” for them... begging for some rule book to live by. Well, Sandi finds the perfect balance in reminding us that it’s our own inner journey that dictates our own goals and tools... our own true authentic parenting power... but also offers a roadmap to embark on the quest... of finding ourselves as parents and as people as well as finding our children at their loving core.
Love is the compass used and with artful skill and beautiful compassion, Sandi and Melissa have done a beautiful job to open a gateway to the new conscious parenting paradigm.

This book is a definite recommendation to anyone who wants a more loving, understanding and fulfilling parenting experience with their family.

Authentic Parenting Power is available from Amazon and through

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