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Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting rid of those habits and creating new patterns

September can feel really busy, right?
Boy do I understand that one. I’m in the middle of planning curriculum and sorting out fall clothes. It’s a little hairy. But that’s why I’m really excited about Monday, because it’s a no pressure, supported way of creating patterns that authentically represent ourselves.
I know that if you are on the brink of picking up a routine, you can do two things. You can let it create itself, by just diving in and getting done what you want to get done. Or, you can consciously set some new patterns. Patterns that set you up as the person you want to be.
I mean, we all have those niggles. Those things we’d like to do, like exercise each day, or get to bed half an hour earlier or start the day with a green smoothie or meditation. It’s our own things right? But we all have things we’re putting off, meaning to start... and then not starting them. They then sit there... a little bit of a weight, which we shake our head about, wondering why we just don’t start already.
What better time to start than September? The relaxed state of summer has primed us to create a routine for fall and we’re ripe for new patterns. It’s the perfect fertile soil for the seeds of change.
And that seed can be the smallest shift... the smallest new habit. Just enough to tell ourselves and that voice of homeostasis... we mean business. We’re in charge of ourselves. It’s up to us what we do in each day and how we do it. We fall into our own patterns, but it’s up to change them if we want to.
So, the question is... do you want to take that lead? Do you want to finally do that little niggling thing, you keep beating yourself up over, each time you don’t do it?
If the answer is yes, then I really hope you join me on Monday, for my free 10 day challenge. Or maybe you’ve already signed up and  We’re going to set in motion some awesome new habit forming patterns.
And if the answer is no... then you need to ask yourself why not? Are you perfectly happy with your routine? Is everything running as smoothly, happily, mindfully, as you wish it could be?
It can be scary to finally step out of the comfort zone, especially when we can feel overwhelmed in the first place. The excuses can build up and be never ending.
 But think of that niggle as your truest self calling you forth, saying let’s make life easier with this one new step. Maybe with a little step, the busyness will be more manageable.
And on Monday, we’ll all be supporting each other and helping  each other on the way, even with just a little emoticon left in comments over on the FB group, we’ll all know we’re not alone in this shift!
Accountability and support makes all the difference. Anyway, I really hope you’ll join in.

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