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Thursday, December 29, 2016

I missed the mark...but now it's time to Align and Shine!

I missed my mark...
I skipped a cue and I was a little disconnected....
I'm sorry... but it will be worth it.
See, the thing is, that for the past few months I’ve known a New Years challenge was something I really wanted to do, but because I was swarming in work and...well... it wasn’t new years eve yet, I came up with the processes in kind of a half minded way. I did it via the steps I’m “supposed” to follow, the way coaches do it and the “Embrace Feeling Good” challenge was created. But it hasn’t been resonating or coming together at all. In fact, I was supposed to get my filming done before Christmas break, and it hasn’t flowed yet.
What I love about my work is the fact that as I offer tools to be authentic to yourself, that means I have to use the tools to be authentic to myself. I don’t offer anything I don’t do myself. Everything we work on together, has to come from an inner calling... otherwise, it’s not spiritually aware, right?
Isn’t that the best cycle!
So, over the last couple of days I’ve been asking Spirit to flood the concept and really show me what it should be. What is really going to set 2017 up with a solid foundation of love? What is going to Feel Good... (like the original challenge concept) and yet, be about clearing space, feeling authentically true and feeling good because we are aligned to the highest versions of ourselves? How can we show up this year, with a basement of love, of relief and of honesty... honesty in ourselves and where we are?
So, it starts here... Honesty in myself.
I am shifting the challenge to a little different... now it’s not just about feeling good...
It’s about Showing up.
Showing up as Ourselves for 2017.
The truth is, the world is going through a lot of changes. It’s not about feeling fearful as we cross the threshold of the new year, sure world events and social media might have us think that’s the only way to be, but I believe it’s an important time to radiate out as much love as possible.
And there is no purer light than for you to show up as You. It’s not about looking at the dark parts of the world or the negative stories and talking about how you don’t like them, (which we can all fall into) rather just shining as you.... focusing on the positive light, shining it bright, telling the feeling better story and well... feeling good,  the perfect antidote for an uncertain time.
When we are all resonating as our truest, deepest versions of ourselves, unapologetically, knowing that we are connected to our Spiritual guides/God/Source/inner being... then that is how we create a better home, a better world and a happier life for all our family. It’s also the tools our children need to resonate as themselves too. We all need to support each other to have the courage to shine as Who We Really Are.
So, this is the new sense of a “challenge”... but rather than a “challenge”, let’s go back to the term New Years Intention... this is the intention for 2017. AND YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE!
And we’re starting with a strong foundation... a basement of knowing who we are... who we aren’t... and freeing ourselves to be the best Self... the best parent/partner/friend/person we can radiate as.
Sounds an intense calling for a video “intention”?
Not at all.... We’ll be doing it aligned and easy. A few exercises, a few videos, and sharing with each other on  FB... we’ll be laying the foundations for a good year where we can radiate. It will feel liberating, relieving... and clear. You’ll feel lighter, and ready to creating an amazing 2017.
I hope you join me... because this is going to be awesome... It’s going to Feel Awesome and its going to flow.
Because... you know, it just feels right.
Oh yeah, one last thing...
It felt right to put on a Boxing day special for the Spiritual Kids Course... a little illogical when you consider I’ve been offline basically for a week and I haven’t been able to talk about it or build it up. But it’s on for $97 until January 6th (instead of $147). I figure that most of the exercises are what I’ve used to start the New Years for my children over the years. There is something about going through the processes of exploring who we are and what we appreciate, how we find our inner selves and how to set a good attraction point in January that seems to bring a consciousness to home, and I wanted to make sure you had a chance to have that opportunity as well.
Again... it's felt good.
So... let’s be aligned together, and hold space for each other. Finding that quiet space within, connecting to that divinity within, and radiating the light from our deepest selves.
And then we’ll feel really good.

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