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Sunday, July 24, 2016

One Small Shift

Today, I want to talk about the small shifts that equal bigger changes and how this affects our parenting and our children. So often, especially in our off moments, in our times of disconnection, we see things that can be better within our family element.... we see things we wish would change in our children, be it their bedtime or the interaction between siblings or the communication between us and them. Maybe it’s screen time... or scream time.  No matter what it is... as our children grow, things change and in those changes its best to be as conscious as we can, so we can create the journey, not drive blindfolded.
The secret lies in the energy of Who We Are... who our Children are and the, sort of, build up that occurs throughout our days. Let’s call it vibrational plague.
We all form habits, in my family we form them quickly, habits of routine, of activity, of certain foods we eat regularly, or even games played, or television shows watched even just the stories we tell ourselves. One of my daughters will text a friend regularly, another one will be more on games than school apps... both things can make them feel antsy and on edge. These things can be looked at as no big deal. It’s summer, things are up in the air... we’ve all had a hectic time what with traveling etc.  We all get edgey . We’re unwinding.
But often things build... and it doesn’t necessarily make it bad, just something to be aware of. Because when things build and suddenly pop up on the surface and we really notice that we need a change we can flip and worry and almost panic that life has gone crazy and out of control.
 But a little shift is often all it takes.
Yes, it can be a shift in our perspective for sure. That’s always the first place to start because if we are in a panic about how life is flowing there’s no way to get it to flow. If we are so busy noticing the things that aren’t working... we’ll never notice the things that are. So, first shift is to trust. Trust the offness and trust that because everyone’s felt off, or gone a few steps in a direction away from who they really are... they will know themselves so much more. That the offness increases the vibrancy of the Connection.
And then do something ridiculously simple.
Change something.
Wake up at a different time. Eat outside. Put on fun music throughout the house. Move around furniture. Go out to a new restaurant or a new park or a new route to school.
A shift starts with us. No one can change if we can’t. Habits are simply patterns we get used to.
Or we don’t.
Something happens in the little shifts. Everyone notices them... or rather everyone feels them. And with that change in energy a ripple effect occurs. The Law of Attraction kicks in... joy kicks in and everything feels different.
People put down devices and dance instead.... or they smell new smells, taste new tastes.
The energy of the house changes and with that, old patterns just don’t fit the same way anymore.
Only you can find the energy shift that matches your particular circumstance (although you can always ask for help in finding it. You are never alone, remember) You can feel your way to a little shift.
It’s a whole lot easier than trying to fix it all at once.

And then I’d love to hear the story of how life opens up and you and your family step into the new with that first step.

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  1. This year we made a big change by sending our homeschooled son to day camp. It is giving us a lot of insight as to who he is and who I can be during the day.

    Thanks for writing and reading!

    Sarah Butland
    author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful